conduct corporate training in a coworking space

How to Conduct Corporate Training in a Coworking Space

Do you want to conduct corporate training in a coworking space? Then read this blog for comprehensive insights.

Coworking spaces have become a popular platform in Pakistan in recent times. Not only can you rent a coworking space for remote work, but you can also conduct meetings there. But that’s not all; some coworking spaces also offer services to hold events and workshops. If you are operating in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you will find that you can conduct corporate training in a coworking space. But is it really a suitable option?

In this blog, we will tell our readers about the core values of coworking spaces. We will explain how their vision aligns with your goals for corporate training. In addition, we will look into the services you will be provided by the coworking space during your training sessions. Lastly, our readers will be given a small guide on how to conduct corporate training in a coworking space. Let’s begin!

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What are the Core Values of a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are known for two things: community and collaboration, but that’s not all they offer. These modern workspaces provide you with numerous facilities that might cost you hundreds of thousands of rupees in Pakistan. They value openness, professionalism, and flexibility. This combination empowers those corporations that are looking for a place to conduct their training sessions. Still, people are unsure of what to expect from coworking spaces and ignore them due to different myths. But you do not have to be scared, because they might be your best choice for corporate training.

What will you be Provided During Your Training in a Coworking Space?

If you are unsure about whether you should conduct corporate training in a coworking space, this section is for you. Below are some of the benefits that will be provided to you when you rent a coworking space for your event:

1. Utilities

Coworking spaces are daily new, and therefore they provide you with all the utilities. This includes a constant eclectic supply without any disruptions, high-speed Wi-Fi, and much more. By renting a coworking space, you ensure that your corporate training is conducted without any disturbances.

2. Technology

When you conduct corporate training in a coworking space, you are provided with the latest technology. The in-house staff ensures that you have everything you need, from a sound system to a visual display. Instead of worrying about whether you have the right equipment and how you can procure it, just communicate your demands with a coworking space. They will have everything ready for your corporate training.

3. Furniture

Coworking spaces are furnished workplaces that people can rent according to their needs. Therefore, they have adequate furniture to accommodate a large number of people. However, it is always important to tell your space provider the facilities that you will require during your corporate training.

4. Infrastructure

It is important to remember that when you conduct corporate training in a coworking space, you will have access to a diverse infrastructure. These spaces provide different-sized offices, conference rooms, and desks. In addition, for socialization, they also have cafeterias and lounges.

How to Conduct Corporate Training in a Coworking Space

Now that you know the basics, let’s move on to our guide. Follow this guideuntill the end for a seamless training session.

1. Note Down Your Training Objectives

Start by establishing your training objectives and pinpointing why you want to conduct a training session. It is always better to have measurable goals that help you evaluate your training efforts.

2. Search for Coworking Spaces

Next, search for coworking spaces in your area that offer corporate training in your area. Check their pricing and environment. Make sure you are looking at coworking spaces that are near you and commutable for employees.

3. Rent a Coworking Space

After you have a list of coworking spaces, its time to choose a coworking space. Analyze your budget and needs to make the right decision. In addition, visit the coworking space to confirm their services first-hand.

4. Prepare a Detailed Outline

It is important to have all the relevant preparation before conducting a training session. Plan an outline for your training session. Reach out to the trainers and inform them in advance.

5. Conduct Your Corporate Training

Once you have done all the homework, it is time to conduct your training. Make sure that you arrive on time and welcome the attendees. Use the facilities provided to you with the help of in-house staff to make your training a success.

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The Crux

If you want to conduct corporate training in a coworking space, start by defining your training goals. Then search for coworking spaces in your area that provide the service. Check their pricing and services, and choose a coworking space that stands out and keeps you under budget. In addition, you should prepare an outline for the training session in advance and inform all participants. Lastly, arrive on time to conduct your event and use the facilities with the help of the management team.

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