Coworking Spaces for People with Disabilities

Are There Any Coworking Spaces for People with Disabilities in Pakistan?

If you are differently abled and looking for a coworking space, you will be relieved to learn about coworking spaces for people with disabilities.

Let’s face the truth: there are little to no opportunities in Pakistan for differently abled people. This is a question that no one is ready to answer. Where will people with disabilities work? The infrastructure of government offices in commercial areas does not allow easy access to a larger population. But now something different is happening.

Coworking spaces are on the rise in Pakistan, and most of these modern workspaces are ensuring disability access. Join us as we explore these coworking spaces for people with disabilities in detail. We will also look at the other general benefits that make them a better option. Let’s begin!


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What are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are modern workspaces that provide you with a workspace that is shared among members. This workspace can be as small as a desk, a dedicated desk, or an executive office. These offices have emerged as one of the best options for freelancers, remote workers, and now also for people with disabilities.

These spaces charge you only for the time that you spend using their services. You can rent a desk for as little as a day. In addition, they provide you with all of the required equipment and technology without incurring additional costs. Let’s look at some of their benefits.


Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces for people with disabilities have countless benefits. Their modern infrastructure allows easy disability access while being situated in prime locations. Here are some of the benefits of coworking spaces for people with disabilities:


1. Cost-Effective Renting

Coworking spaces are shared offices, which means that you are provided with shared facilities. This allows these companies to reduce their overall costs and charge you less. In addition, they only charge for the time you are using the office instead of charging you on a monthly basis.


2. Advanced Architecture Suitable for Disability Access

The coworking space for people with disabilities provides access to everyone. Their architecture is modern and ensures that handicapped people are facilitated. Further, these spaces provide you with an office that has proper ventilation.


3. Basic Equipment and Advanced Technology

These modern spaces provide you with all the basic facilities that you require. This includes comfortable chairs and desks. In addition, they also provide consistent electric supply and high-speed internet without any extra costs.


4. Networking Opportunities

Your network is your net worth. Coworking spaces provide you with a community of members from your industry as well as other industries. This allows you to build strong networks at your workplace. To facilitate stronger networking, these spaces also host networking events.


5. Countless Services

Coworking spaces provide their members with countless services. These facilities include a reception, security, parking, beverages, and much more. The best part about coworking spaces for people with disabilities is that they do not charge you extra for any of these services.


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Are There Any Coworking Spaces for People with Disabilities?

Although coworking spaces are newly designed, you’ll be disappointed to learn that all coworking spaces do not provide disability access. However, there are coworking spaces for people with disabilities, such as is a coworking space in DHA that stands out to the people of twin cities. Its prime location, modern infrastructure, and countless services facilitate all members equally. We ensure that our policies are inclusive, irrespective of gender, age, or physical appearance.


Summing it Up!

Coworking spaces for people with disabilities are the best workplace option handicapped people have. They provide easy disability access and countless other services without any extra charges. This includes security, electricity, basic equipment, and high-speed internet. In addition, these spaces only charge you for the time you are using the space instead of charging you for monthly rentals.

Nevertheless, there are only a few coworking spaces for people with disabilities and tops the list. The location provides easy access, while its modern infrastructure is optimised for handicapped people. If you are interested, click here to book a free visit to


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