Myths About Coworking Spaces

Debunking Popular Myths About Coworking Spaces

Are you frustrated with myths about coworking spaces? Then here is a blog for a clearer picture.

Coworking spaces have risen in popularity all across Pakistan. However, they are new in the market. This leads to people depicting them in different ways leading to some popular myths. But, you do not need to worry about coworking spaces if you are looking to become a member.

In this blog, we will tell you some of the reasons why people are sceptical of coworking spaces. In addition, we will list down some of the popular myths about coworking spaces in Pakistan. Lastly, we will debunk the myth by providing you with facts. We aim to paint a clearer picture and help you make a better decision.

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Why are People Sceptical of Coworking Spaces

As mentioned previously, coworking spaces are a very recent phenomenon in Pakistan. Although they existed before the pandemic, they have become more popular in recent times. Another factor that contributes to the rise in coworking spaces is remote work and freelancing. Therefore, due to the advanced technology and the uniqueness of coworking spaces, people are always sceptical.

In addition, coworking spaces are not like conventional offices. People do not know what to expect when renting a coworking space. They mostly rely on their friends and peers to learn about coworking spaces. This information is often not accurate.

What are the Popular Myths about Coworking Spaces

You might have heard some of these myths about coworking spaces:

1. Coworking is Only for Freelancers

The first is that coworking spaces are only for freelancers. You might have heard that you must be a freelancer to become a member of a coworking space. If you are not a freelancer, you cannot rent a place to do your work.

2. Only Startups can Rent a Space

Another popular myth is that coworking spaces can only be rented by startups. This myth is usually spread by people who act like they know it all. Just because they heard that startups prefer coworking spaces, they think that is an eligibility criterion.

3. Coworking Spaces are Expensive

The third and major problem is the belief that coworking spaces are only for elites. When people hear that coworking spaces provide numerous services and furnished areas, they are led to believe that the workspace must be expensive.

4. You will be Distubed from all of the Socialization

When you read the word coworking space, the first image that pops into your mind can be disturbing. People often assume that because coworking spaces are shared, they will be loud and hectic like a trading floor. Everyone is loud and noisy, people are chatting and no one is doing any work.

5. You have to be Young

This is one of the most common beliefs among the elderly. They see most young people joining coworking spaces and think it is only for them. In addition, when they are told about advanced technology and modern infrastructure, they end up thinking that it is not for their generation.

However, all of these myths are not true.

Debunking the Myths with Facts

To build a clearer image in your mind, let’s debunk these myths about coworking spaces.

1. You Can Rent Space no Matter Who You Are

If you are over 18 and have legal documents such as the CNIC, you will be welcomed by coworking spaces. Coworking spaces do not have an age limit or a gender bias when renting out their spaces.

2. Coworking Spaces Facilitate Businesses of Different Sizes

Although coworking spaces are popular among startups, they can accommodate businesses of different sizes. It is important to remember that these spaces come with different-sized offices. If you have a small team you can rent a smaller office, but it’s always better to confirm with the coworking space in advance.

3. You Will Save Money

Coworking spaces are not expensive, they save you tons of money. Imagine the amount of costs, you would have to pay for purchasing furniture and renting an office. That’s the amount you save when you rent a coworking space equipped with all the right facilities. Not only do you save money, but you also save the time and energy that you would have to put into building a workplace.

4. Coworking Spaces Separate Socialization and Work

You will not be continuously disturbed by joining a coworking space. This is because they separate work areas from social areas. If you want to socialize, you will be free to step into the cafeteria or a lounge. In addition, these companies ensure that their members are following the coworking etiquette rules.

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The Bottom Line!

Along with the rise of remote work in Pakistan, many myths about coworking spaces have also been spurred. These include gossip such as coworking spaces are only for freelancers, startups and young people. In addition, some people also believe that coworking is expensive and distractive.

To debunk these myths about coworking spaces, here are some facts. Firstly, anyone with legal requirements can rent a coworking space irrespective of their age or gender. These spaces provide you with furnished offices and other services, reducing your overall costs. And lastly, you will not be disturbed by all of the socialization as most coworking spaces have quiet areas.

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