why coworking is the future

Why Coworking is the Future of Workspaces in Pakistan?

The world is changing rapidly, and so is the way we work. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that there are many other work modes besides renting an office. Among these newer workplaces is a coworking space. Join us as we answer why coworking is the future of work.

In this blog, we will look at what coworking spaces are and what makes them so unique. Then, we will look at some key benefits of coworking spaces that are causing these workplaces to grow so rapidly in Pakistan. Lastly, you will be provided with the reasons why they are important and answer why coworking is the future.


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What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are companies that provide you with a workspace according to your needs with shared facilities. What does this mean? In simple terms, you can rent a working space as small as a desk and share it with other members while only paying for the time during which you use the space. Coworking spaces offer numerous workspaces, such as dedicated desks, office pods, and executive offices. In addition, they provide you with the basic infrastructure, furniture and technology, so you can easily settle in. Unlike service offices, they are much more affordable.


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Why is Coworking Growing?

So, let’s get to the question: Why coworking is the future? To be specific, these spaces have found a new market for remote workers and freelancers. Pakistani freelancers and remote workers are working for global firms but don’t have a reliable workspace. 

Think about it. Are there any places where you can comfortably be near them right now? Probably not; there are almost no libraries in the twin cities, cafes are crowded, and so are the parks. And you probably do not have the preferred privacy to work from home. That’s where coworking spaces come in. They provide you with a workspace at affordable rates, along with a community that supports your professional growth. Here are some benefits that coworking spaces provide:


1. Affordable Rates

Coworking spaces are very affordable. Unlike renting a conventional office, where you have to sign long-term contracts for at least a year, coworking spaces can be rented for a day. In addition, you save a huge amount by using the coworking space furniture, which you would have to purchase yourself.


2. Advanced Technology

Coworking spaces are modern workspaces and come with the latest technology. If you become a member, you are provided with an undisturbed electric supply and high-speed internet. In addition, they provide you with conferencing equipment and a sound system for meetings or events.


3. A Supportive Community

Networking is important in every profession. You need the right people around you to learn about the industry and improve your skills. That is where coworking spaces thrive. They provide you with a community of members who might turn out to be experts in your industry. 


Here is how you can build a strong network in a coworking space.


4. Countless Services without Additional Costs

Coworking spaces are already functioning offices, and therefore, they provide countless other services. This includes reception, security, parking space, and beverages. The best part is that you do not have to pay extra for these services. However, there is only one coworking space that provides 25 exclusive services to its members in Islamabad.


5. Networking Events

Coworking spaces are aware that their members must create reliable industry connections. To facilitate this, they conduct networking events. This allows all members, regardless of who they are, to learn from industry experts and get more work opportunities from the market.


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Why is Coworking Important?

Coworking is crucial for a number of reasons. It begins by addressing the evolving dynamics of the contemporary workforce. As remote work, freelancing, and the gig economy have grown in popularity, people and companies are looking for more flexible workplaces with a collaborative culture. 

Second, coworking is essential for promoting networking and community. The variety and opportunities for interaction that coworking spaces offer are frequently lacking in traditional office settings. These settings promote networking, idea sharing, and project collaboration among professionals from various fields and backgrounds. 


Wrapping it Up!

So to answer why coworking is the future of workspaces in Pakistan, we have to acknowledge the rise in the gig economy and freelancers. In addition, there is a lack of public spaces that give you the privacy to work. But with coworking spaces, you can rent a desk anytime you need to work and only pay for the time you are using the space. Coworking spaces provide countless other services without additional charges, such as internet, electricity, furniture,  and security. Coworking spaces have taken the market by storm and are rapidly growing. Therefore, it’s not too late for you to hop on the bandwagon.


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